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ThumbsPlus 10 SP2 Build 4015. Released 14 June 2018. View release notes

File formats supported

ThumbsPlus can read and display over 100 file formats, including raster (image), metafile (vector), movies, and fonts. Many additional types are configurable using OLE or filter, including Adobe Photoshop import filters.

ThumbsPlus can write and convert to these image and metafile formats:

  • JPEG (.jpg)
  • JPEG 2000 (.jp2)
  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphic)
  • TIFF (.tif)
  • PCX
  • BMP (Microsoft Windows Bitmap)
  • CMP LEADTOOLS compressed)
  • ICO (Microsoft Windows Icon)
  • WMF (Windows Metafile)

Image organization, management, and searching

ThumbsPlus stores its information in a relational database, allowing enormous flexibility in searching for files. Each tab on the Find window allows for searching for different kinds of information, and the Advanced tab allows you to enter SQL directly.

You can search for files in hundreds of different ways, combining any of the following:

  • User Defined Fields
  • Keywords
  • Partial and full file names
  • Duplicate and similar images
  • Annotation contents

You can append advanced SQL to search by just about anything, including date ranges, file types, paths, galleries, and more.

  • Searching for a partial filename and photographer (using a user defined field)
  • Find all .CRW and .NEF files taken last month
  • Finding images most similar to a specific image
  • Find all images with all of the keywords beach, children,taken during 2016
  • Find all .PSD files on network disks
  • Find all files on local disks taken this month

Viewing and editing images

Most editing features can be done in a batch mode.

Batch processing is one of the most useful and powerful capabilities of ThumbsPlus. A "batch" is a group of files, and batch processing performs a set of operations on each file in the batch. Here are just a few examples of the numerous batch processes that you can do:

  • Convert a group of files from one format to another.
  • Convert several files of varying types, including metafiles, rasterizing to 800x800, sharpening a bit, cropping to 800x600, then resampling to 640x480  and saving as JPEG to a different folder.
  • Create a bunch of thumbnail-sized JPG files for the Web (for complete Web page building, you can use the Web Page Wizard as well).
  • Convert a group of GIF or LZW-compressed TIFF files to PNG.
  • Rasterize several PICT or CGM files, with anti-aliasing, and storing as LZW-compressed TIFF.
  • Convert a bunch of files to a 256-color common optimum palette ("Super palette") for use in a GIF or other animation.

You can save defined batch sets and reuse them later on different sets of files. You can even call a batch set from within another batch set! (This can be useful, for example, to write two files — for example, a GIF and a JPEG — from each input file.)

Image editing functions
  • Color adjustment (hue, saturation, lightness, brightness, contrast, gamma curve)
  • Change color depth (1, 4, 8-bit indexed, 16 and 32 bit grayscale, RGB (24 and 48 bit), RGBA (32 and 64 bit)
  • Color balancing
  • Resize (downsample, bilinear, bicubic interpolation)
  • Rotate (.01 degree increments)
  • Rotate to match a drawn line horizontally or vertically
  • Assign and convert color profiles
  • Replace colors
  • Swap red and blue channels
  • Invert colors
  • Histogram equalization
  • Histogram stretching
  • Set image resolution (dpi, dpc)
  • Crop, including autocrop (remove solid borders)
  • Create alpha channel using selection (with feathering)
  • Remove or render alpha channel
  • Image stamping (overlay text or image)
  • Fading any prior operation
  • Rectangular, elliptical, and freehand selection
  • Cut, copy, paste
  • Combine images (add, subtract, multiply, divide, and, or, xor, etc.)
  • Image processes:
    • Auto Color Balance
    • Improve Video Capture
    • Fluorescent Lighting
    • General Enhancement
    • Contrast Enhancement
    • Cleanup Jpeg
    • Digital Camera Cleanup
    • Sepia Tone
    • Semi-Sepia Tone
    • Photo Negative
    • Equalize Channels
    • Stretch Channels
  • Image filters:
    • 6 Blur filters, including Gaussian blur
    • 11 Edge Detection, including morphological gradient
    • 11 Sharpen filters, including edge enhancement and unsharp mask
    • 22 Effects filters, including etch, drawing, oil posterize, mosaic, emboss, and glowing edges
    • 9 Noise filters, including despeckle and edge-sensitive median
    • 6 Edge processing filters

Additional features

Printing images and catalogs
Digital Contact sheets
Slide shows
Acquire scans using TWAIN, including multiple TWAIN acquire
Movie thumbnail and viewing options
Quick convert menu for converting multiple files
Computes image metrics for finding similar and duplicate images
OLE and Filter support for file formats not handled internally
Thumbnail creation for proprietary formats
Windows Still Image support
Web Page Wizard
Optimized palettes can be generated from multiple image files.
Extensive DDE commands
Extensive search capabilities with named search sets.
Folder operations (copy, move, and rename)
Many file sort options
Multiple customizable thumbnail views
Plugins are available for raw formats as well as EPS/PDF
Synchronized image scrolling, panning and zooming (for comparing images)
Image galleries for custom ordered slide shows and quick organization
Multiple monitor support
Photo printing options with print preview
Favorite locations for quick access to folders
Automatic file renaming (numbering)
Multiple background tasks are supported
Tagging images
Batch metadata Editor
Loupe Display (magnifier)
Metafile functions, including converting vector to true wmf files

The data input and search capabilities are professional and advanced while at the same time ThumbsPlus is very intuitive and easy to use for beginners in the graphic world!